Information for Artists

Roko skis are a platform for artist to put their art onto skis. The artist will earn from each set of skis that is sold with their art on it. Roko skis is also an excellent opportunity for artists to show their art to a greater and different market.


  1. All art needs to be approved by Roko skis first.
  2. Send your Topsheet Art with the signed contract to Roko.
  3. Artists can register as many Topsheet Art as they want.
  4. Artist can limit their Topsheet Art to just one; a limited edition, eg 10 ski sets or unlimited.
  5. Artist set their own price for their designs.

Making an Art Application

  1. Art should be a portrait to fit in a 320 mm x 1890 mm rectangle. Keep scaled down art to the same proportionally.
  2. All skis will be cut from this rectangle design so try not to make the design to the exact ski shape. For shorter ski lengths, the top and bottom of the design will be cut.
  3. If you want to make your design for each ski, centre your art on two 160mm x 1890mm templates.
  4. Send a only a low resolution version with your application. A higher resolution will be needed if the design is approved.
  5. All designs are printed on a white background.
  6. All artwork must be original and your own work.
  7. You have to apply with your own name, but may use pseudonym as your artist name on the Roko website.
  8. Art is sublimated into the topsheet
  9. Please submit data for an AI file.
ROKO Artist Application Form.